To make your orientation go as smoothly as possible, go through this checklist and make sure you’ve done each item.

  1. Create a PID
  2. Complete the registration requirements section of the registration and schedule link in Hokie Spa.
  3. Log into your Virginia Tech email through Gmail
  4. Sign up for an orientation date
  5. If your family/guests would like to stay on campus in a residence hall or purchase a dining plan, sign-up with Conference & Guest Services.
  6. Visit your college's website before attending orientation. Some colleges have steps you need to complete before orientation with deadlines in June.
  7. Complete the Schiffert Health Center Immunization Health Form.
  8. Have the appropriate testing services send AP/IB/CLEP test scores to: Virginia Tech Office of the University Registrar, 250 Student Services Building, Blacksburg, VA 24061. The school code is 5859.