Hokie Camp 2008; freshman student orientation at Smith Mtn. 4-H Camp

Hokie Camp group

Follow the steps below to sign-up for your Hokie Camp session!

  1. Log in to Hokie SPA with your PID and password. If you have not created yours yet, create your PID before continuing.
  2. Click the Hokie Spa tab at the top of the page.
  3. From the list, click Information for New Students.
  4. Select Hokie Camp.

On the registration page, you will choose which Hokie Camp you’d like to register for. If you have any trouble, give our office, New Student Programs, a call at 540-231-3284.

Accommodations for Disability

If you require accommodation for any disability, contact our office, New Student Programs, at 540-231-3284.